Trails 4 Tomorrow (T4T) is holding an AGM on March 30 and we NEED your involvement! We NEED 12-15 people for the T4T board to ensure continued success.

The UCP recently announced that the Trails Act is coming and there will be many new opportunities for us to really shape our trail future. We have worked hard to foster relationships with external stakeholders (such as Alberta Environment and Parks) and we need help to continue to grow those relationships. There are bridge projects, trails to inventory and other exciting opportunities in 2022 and beyond.

The current President is stepping down after moving out of province. T4T is an Alberta based Society and needs local leadership. All positions are available.

List of roles we are looking to fill and their responsibilities

  1. President - Set goals, agenda, keep org focused on priorities. Stop unnecessary work.

  2. Vice President - Master 5E trail planner

  3. Secretary - Member lists. Official record keeper

  4. Treasurer - Money Keeper

  5. Fund Raising - Grants, getting money

  6. External Relations – NGO's, Non-Motorized Clubs. (May require multiple people)

  7. Social Media - Public Relations, Marketing & Communications

  8. Tech Coordinator - Maps, Trail Inventory, Data Management, website

  9. Project Manager - Project planning and execution

  10. Volunteer Coord - Heath, Safety & Environment policies, Communicating, organizing, training volunteers

  11. Gov't Relations - Coordinate the Area Trail Reps

  12. Trail Reps - Know the clubs, know the trails, know the locals, know the local issues, know the local officials (Requires multiple people, 3 minimum).

Nominations for the first 4 core positions are requested before the AGM to allow us to prepare for the meeting

The Current’s T4T board has created the following Vision and Mission, as well as what we want to do and what we won't do.


Alberta: Full of 5E trails to explore


Trail planning for the future

Sustain great trails

Build better trails

What do we actually do?

Advocacy to Gov't & NGO's for trails for 4x4's

Collaborate with Gov't & Clubs on implementing the Trails Act

5E Trail System Master Planning (see below)

Trail Inventory - Routes and Conditions

Project Planning & Project Approvals

Train local clubs on Projects

Train local clubs on condition monitoring

Fundraising for trail projects

Provide clubs Tread Lightly content

What we don't do?

Social trail rides, events, tours, etc.

Execution of Trail projects

Take liability for clubs or user groups

End user etiquette & behavior education

Train End users on Tread Lightly

The 5E's:

Experience – Master trail planning that incorporates ecological, social, and trail sustainability while providing the experience Albertan's desire.

Engineering – Budget and implementation capability to create sustainable trails by decreasing our spatial human footprint, not just re-use unsustainable existing linear disturbances.

Education – Ensure users know what to expect, what to do, and their responsibilities on the trails. Education can provide opportunities for users to become trail stewards.

Enforcement – Use enforcement to ensure user compliance with the plan and legislations regarding land use.

Evaluation – Continuously improve the plan to address any issues that may arise.

Economy - Trails 4 Tomorrow also considers the 6th E of Economy. Economy is something that happens once all other 5E's are implemented. Recreation is tourism.

Why are the 5E's so important to our success? (link to 5Es)

The 5E's is a framework for managing recreation on public land. It ensures that a balanced approach to support the goals of Trails 4 Tomorrow and it’s supporters. This is in contrast to past governments’ use of access management to limit access to public land. When the 5Es are used to manage recreation, we get trails on the maps, we get trails that we enjoy using and the trails get maintained to ensure they stay on the map.

What is a 5E Trail Master Plan?

A Master Trail Plan is a vital part of an overall recreation management plan for a management area. The Master Trail Plan will define the long-term vision for the planning area and include elements such as potential trail maps that define key elements of the trail system such as staging areas, main access corridor trails, and experience trails. It will also include key values for the area, such as scenic vistas or other valuable destinations, and sensitive wildlife corridors to be avoided. The master plan will include key metrics of success, such as length of trails, either measured in actual distance, or measured in ‘Seat time’. A full 5E Trail Master plan will include all these items, as well as considerations of each of the 5Es in the plan: identify the unique Experiences in the area, the Engineering considerations, how users will be Educated and rules Enforced, and the key performance indicators to be used for Evaluation.

If any of this interests you, please send an email to for your link to the virtual AGM or any further information.

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