Trails 4 Tomorrow believes in providing information to all 4x4 enthusiasts. By reviewing the provided materials and trainings below, you can support a culture of stewardship and conservation of our trail systems in Alberta. 

Public Land Use Zones

A Public Land Use Zone (PLUZ) is public land areas where legislative controls are put in place to manage recreation and support conservation.

Information on PLUZs and links to information and maps for specific PLUZs can be found here. Please remember that PLUZ maps can change seasonally so always check for the most up-to-date map before going out.

To obtain a specific PLUZ map (for example, Ghost PLUZ) click on "Ghost", "Ghost - Georeferenced Map", and then click "Download" on the most up-to-date map. 

Regional Plans and Maps

Regional Plans integrate legislation into regions of Alberta that provide direction for decisions regarding land use.

Lower Athabasca Regional Plan (LARP)

Lower Athabasca Regional Plan Map

Lower Peace Regional Plan (LPRP) - Not Started

North Saskatchewan Regional Plan (NSRP) - Phase 2 Online Survey Open

Red Deer Regional Plan (RDRP) - Not Started

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP)

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan Map

Upper Athabasca Regional Plan (UARP) - Not Started

Upper Peace Regional Plan (UPRP) - Not Started

Please note: Trails 4 Tomorrow will be continuing to update the information in this section as it becomes available.